Product Training

We provide experienced trainers and instructors for specific products. Presently, we deliver training courses exclusively to JFD/Divex/NHC for specialised equipment used in the diving/offshore sector.

Over and above the technical/servicing/operational aspect; training also covers the history, legal requirements, planned maintenance and certification as necessary. Details can be found at:


“After many years in the Oil & Gas Industry, I met Tony in 2005 and we have worked together on many projects ever since. His input and advice has been exceptional and continues to be a good aid”
Mike McDonald: Business Development Consultant, MC Business & Technical Solutions
“Winning sales and customer satisfaction are my main objectives. I have used the services of Kalacom on many occasions, ensuring that I have the best product technical details available, which ensures a good relationship with my customers”
Mark Marie: Director, Business Development, C-Technics, Subsea Electronics