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All aspects of our provided services are supported by telephone, email or for more personal effect; conference calls.

Subject may cover Project Management, Product Development, Legal aspects, Patent and IPR advice, Product Technical information etc.

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Knowledge Base

This is easy for the pressure regulator only.

  1. Identify the brand, make and model of your Pressure Regulator.
  2. Obtain a copy of the correct Gas Flow Chart.
  3. Determine your inlet and final outlet pressures.
  4. Calculate the pressure drop from the chart (Droop).
  5. Follow the pressure curve on the chart and this will indicate your gas flow.

Just remember that there are other factors that affect gas flow, including pipe/hose size and length, type of gas (density), temperature and moisture content.

For more accurate gas flow results, engineering calculations would be necessary to take into account all Coefficient Volumes (CVs) of all instruments in the process.


Having spent many years in the offshore and marine support industries, our team has gained a great deal of experience in engineering, design, development, project management and technical writing. The knowledge base can now be shared with potential clients, who may like to have a third party look at new or existing projects with a pair of fresh eyes!

We can assist and give guidance on product development, prototypes, intellectual property, project planning and final production.

We also provide technical writing, photography, simplified graphics and product instruction manuals.

We are based in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, but many of our past clients are in many parts of the world, where we have attended and delivered consultancy services to them, including: USA, The Netherlands, Indonesia, Africa, UAE and many more.

“After many years in the Oil & Gas Industry, I met Tony in 2005 and we have worked together on many projects ever since. His input and advice has been exceptional and continues to be a good aid”
Mike McDonald: Business Development Consultant, MC Business & Technical Solutions
“I have known Tony for many years and I can assert that he has a great deal of experience, understanding and knowledge that he has shared with me on many occasions and helped with some assignments”.
Mike Price: Technical Manager, McDermott International